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The following is a collection of maps that I've created or helped to create.

Spirit Petroleum Stations

A map of spirit petroleum locations nationwide. The initial map displays those states with at least one spirit station in red. Click on any state to zoom to that state and see individual station locations. Click on any individual station location to view its details.

Built using Google Maps API and JQuery.

View at SpiritPetroleum.com

Original publication date: August 2011

Source code: Git Hub


NYCityMap is a map I work on at the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. It's purpose is to help residents and visitors discover a wealth of geographical information for New York City. Includes 12 location search types, building information, links to other city websites, and over 100 layers.

Built using Geoserver, Geowebcache, Dojo, Oracle Spatial.

View at NYC.gov

Original publication date: January 2009